A Sense of Place

Hidden TreasuresA sense of place.  Its what true travelers are willing to take the extra step to find. Places that are undefinable, but are evident when you  find them. Delicate  and fleeting as dynamic events in time wash them away.  Treasure the moment in time you share in the discovery of such places. A collection of these moments make up a lifetime.

This is my philosophy. Its taken me to nearly 40 countries around the world and launched career as professional in the Alaska travel world. I have written two books about Alaska, one about my world travels, and have been published in Alaska Magazine. My photography has also been published and has won awards. I was born and raised in Alaska as my father was as well.

This is the perspective I write from. I hope you find in it a resonating truth, one like the resonating truth that vibrates from a sense of place.


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