Three Doors Down and a Generation Away

By rowdydog Dec 1, 2016


So I’m at the Westlake Center in Seattle outdoors at the hotdog stand(I know I should be eating better than this).
An older man in a suit, obviously in a position of power, walks up with an attractive young girl looking like an intern. She thanks him twice for the hotdog he is ordering for her. It is said a little too politely and  well before the usual rhythm of these things leads to the moment of “who pays?” and the spontaneous  gesture of “‘I got this.” This was a premeditated invitation to lunch.

They talk comfortably about getting ready for a meeting for awhile then he awkwardly  turns the conversation to weekend plans. She quickly fills it up with abundant strenuous young-people activities.  He moves closer to her. Before he can say anything, she offers to wait for the hot dogs so he can go back to the office and get ready for the “meeting”. He doesn’t like that idea. There is an awkward silence. A live street performer is playing music in the background.

She says ”do you recognize this song?”

He says “no”
Intern “It’s Three Doors Down!”
Man in suite “I know where its coming from but I don’t know who it is”
I almost breakout in laughter but I’m able to snort my way out of it.

By rowdydog

Alaskan traveller and image creator. Using video, photography, and a robust collection of verbs, I present an Alaskan Way of Life.

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