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The Golden Days of Baseball: The Story of Baseball in Frontier Alaska and the Klondike

A baseball story you have never heard before. Within two years of the 1898 Goldrush, baseball was played by all the towns that sprang up along the trail of gold. In this wild far away land , no one played the game harder than these teams of gold miners.It was baseball played in a most unlikely place by unlikely players. For those who embraced baseball in far north, it was a game that took them home again to the days of their youth, to a time when life was good. The sounds of the game invited everyone to come out in the evening to gather and celebrate life in the land of the midnight sun. There is no one alive who experienced these games, but after you hear their story you will agree that this was the “Golden Days of Baseball.”


XTRATUF:An Alaskan Way of Life"

How can you spot an Alaskan? Checkout what they wearing. In a land   where  individuals flourish and style gives  way to function, where loggers, fisherman, envronmentalist, city  folk and   country folk all agree that the XTRATUF can't be beat.  But is this book about a boot or is it more about the people who choose to live in a Rainforest. You decide!  84 pages hard cover, $19.00


Alexander Eighteen: The Story of Eighteen WIlderness Areas in Alaska 

This is story about 18 Wilderness Areas in the Southeast of Alaska that have been congressionally set aside as protected lands. Some are better known than others, but they all have defining chracteristics. The all are outside of the road system and difficult to reach.  In fact,  the author Larry Johansen may be the only person to have visted and photographed each one  of them. Now for the first time read about his travels to each one and meet the people that he came across and discover the issues that these wilderness areas present . The book was originally   written as an Ebook as is avialble as an ebook on the Apple store as well. Hard Cover,  $24

Finding Juneau: It's People, Places, and Past

A picture book fille with stories and descriptions of Alaska's capital city of Juneau. It's a tour of Juneau in a book. Its a great gift for someone who is moving to Juneau, planning a trip to Juneau, or just learning a little more about Juneau.Each page is uniquely hand crafted to give the book a fresh feel every time you read it, a great coffee table book. $22.00 Soft cover


THE 49er Special. ALL FOUR BOOKS for $49.00 in honor of the 49th State. Includes Shipping.


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