What Alaskan City are You?

1.I am alright with eating food that didn’t come to me in a wrapper or container
2.The coffee barista starts making my favorite coffee before I order it.
3.One of my favorite things to do is to try out a new restaurant.
4.I generally vote for Republican candidates for national offices.
5.I like to hit the town on the weekends!
6.Hiking is one of the reasons I would live in Alaska
7.When my car breaks down, I check under the hood to see if I can fix it before deciding to call a serviceman.
8.I like to challenge myself when I take on outdoor activities.
9.I can live with the fact that very large animals could unexpectantly show up at my front door.
10.I could live in a town like Lake Wobegon from Prairie Home Companion or Cisely from Northern Exposure
11.On weekends I like to go on road trips.
12.If I can see my neighbor, the neighborhood is too crowded.
13.I prefer my H2O in its solid form rather than its liquid form
14.I like to downhill ski
15.Going to the grocery store is a social event for me.
16.I am versed in the five types of salmon- baked, grilled, fried, smoked, and sushi.
17.XTRATUF boots are part of my wardrobe

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  1. Larry Jo

    It’s all in fun. I hope it rings true for you!

    • Mallory Hughes

      Wish there were Kenai Peninsula towns here.

  2. Jacki Sunde

    OFF GRID…and so we are “) Living the dream on Prince of Wales!

  3. Stephanie Weddel

    I was born and raised in Ketchikan so this is no big surprise. Guess you can take the girl out of her home town but you can never take hometown out of the girl 😉

  4. Stephanie Hall Jones

    I got Haines. That fits because it is the first Alaska town I lived in.

  5. Madoleine Cox Greeno

    I got Haines; funny as it is my family moved to Haines in July of 1965. My daddy and mama had a homestead out behind chilkoot lake with 8 of us children . Miss it .

  6. Hi there,I came across your blog as I was doing some rearesch about teaching in Alaska. I am seriously contemplating this as my next adventure when I return to the United States. Right now I am teaching overseas in the United Arab Emirates. I have a husband and 2 year old daughter and so that makes going different places a bit more challenging. However, my husband and I had talked about Alaska quite some time ago and it would be a dream come true for us to raise our little one (maybe another) there in Alaska. We long to experience more outdoor adventures. My husband was raised in CO and loves hunting and fishing. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind telling me a little bit about getting certified to teach in Alaska and how to find an abundance of teaching jobs up there. I ideally would like to find employment before I arrive back in the US and I know that might be very challenging. I would love a bit more information! Happy Holidays and thank you for your blog! Sincerely, E. Stephanie Woodward

  7. Quiz is updated for 2017 and it’s received a lot of hits and so much spam that I have turned comments off. Visit us on Facebook to comment.

  8. I’m looking to revise this questionnaire that a lot people liked. Add Wasilla, Homer, and Gustavus. Maybe add Nome. Any thoughts ?

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